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Lay Betting provides you with daily system bets that are carefully analysed and highly profitable. We have built our reputation as Australia’s best lay betting service and the information we provide is based on more than 20 years expert racing knowledge, not some stable or ‘late mail’ rubbish.

If you want to make seriously good money as a punter then it makes a lot of sense to follow someone who makes betting his business.

Why Join Lay Betting?

  • First and most importantly is because you will win money, that is a fact.
  • You will get online support seven days a week.
  • Our professional staking will maximize your profits
  • Stop trying to beat the bookie. Become the bookie.

You can join our lay membership below:

Important note: Membership numbers are strictly limited.
We are serious about limiting the amount of new members we can take on because we have an obligation to protect the prices for our existing members and ourselves. Remember we are laying all of these horses as well as our members.Once we reach our membership cap you will need to go on a waiting list until the next vacancy arises.Our lay betting service offers clients great value for money and the opportunity to make consistent profits, so secure your place as a lay betting member before we have to shut the doors to new punters.

We look forward to helping you become a winning punter.